Our Legacy

We’ve always practiced law differently from others. See how we’re preparing the next generation to continue the tradition of non-tradition.

Picture this: three young men, each wearing their only suits. They’re standing in a small office furnished with three second-hand desks, three computers and an unruly fax machine.

That’s Jim Shea, Dennis Nerland and David Calnan on the day Nerland Lindsey first opened its doors in 1990. The space was modest, but the founders’ excitement filled the room. They were lawyers with an entrepreneurial hunger, three lawyers who wanted to create a smaller, more agile firm where clients would receive personal treatment and customized cutting-edge solutions.

In this spirit, our founders set the tone for the lawyers who work at Nerland Lindsey today. It’s what has and always will set this firm apart. Our lawyers have the capacity to rise to challenges, take risks, push boundaries and transform lives.

From the start, Nerland Lindsey has practiced law differently from other firms in Calgary. We take on clients with tough legal challenges that require non-traditional solutions. Why? Because we believe that seemingly ordinary people – be they business owners, entrepreneurs, or lawyers – are capable of putting in the extra effort and extra creativity needed to achieve something extraordinary.

Now, we’re inspiring our young leaders to keep this spirit of non-tradition alive. In our office, we create opportunities for our people to practice in their own ways. In ourselves, we question the conventional and embrace the unsolvable. In our relationships, we continually strive to centre law around creating the best client experience.

Ultimately, we are distinguished by the relationships we have with you, our client. We invest in you, and together, we accomplish extraordinary things.

Meet the lawyers who are carrying the Nerland Lindsey legacy into the future. Get to know our team.